Why secure your website

Do we need to secure our web site? This is a tough question to answer. Site-owner with budget constraint or new to Web development or freelance without security knowledge can spell trouble in the future. What is loss if your site being compromised? 1. When your website is down, your business lost potential customer that […]

Buying A Notebook

Before buying a notebook, what to look for 1. What is purpose and functionality you required for your notebook? a. For Work i) Do I need to carry around with it? ii) What is screen size I required? iii) What is my budget for the notebook? b. For Home Use i) Does the hardware specifications […]

Hardening Wireless Network

Most of the user is running dynamic IP Address provided by the Public Internet Provider but some users required static IP Address for their usage. Whether you are using static or dynamic IP Address, we should harden or wireless network against wardriving. I will explain more about wardriving in the future. Wardriving may lead to […]

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