Where does attacker get our information?

Where does the attacker get our information? Our information can be found in the following Facebook Unless the privacy setting in the Facebook is set correctly, else the public can view your post and personal information. Linkedin Your personal detail : education history, employment history and other can be found. Unless privacy is properly set. […]

Phlishing Email

Our inbox received lot of emails per day. Most of the email received were junk mails or useless emails to us. What is the danger opening those malicious email? They can be ransomware, delete your information in the system and network, steal your information (address book), use your system as C&C attack, Email can be […]

Hardening Computer System

How to harden computer system? It is easy to harden the security of your computer system. Running on Microsoft Windows System. Perform Windows Update Perform Anti-Virus Update Set Password Policy Close or disable unused port and service Perform Windows Update Please do not use system that Microsoft had stop supporting. Example : Microsoft Windows XP […]

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