Hardening Computer System

How to harden computer system?

It is easy to harden the security of your computer system.

Running on Microsoft Windows System.

  1. Perform Windows Update
  2. Perform Anti-Virus Update
  3. Set Password Policy
  4. Close or disable unused port and service
  5. Perform Windows Update
    Please do not use system that Microsoft had stop supporting. Example : Microsoft Windows XP
    This open opportunities for “Zero Day Attack”. As there is no more updates on security patches once Microsoft stop their support, it is only up to user to defend their system. Legacy system should be replaced by newer system.

    Perform Anti-Virus Update
    Always check on the expiry of Anti-Virus Subscription. Please renew before the expiry date.
    There are mainly 2 type of Anti-Virus program
    1. Signature Based
    2. Holistic Based